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The Best School Bus system. 

School bus monitoring system.

How the Smart School Bus system works?

School Intelligent Operation Center (School IOC)

  • Monitor and track each school bus in Real-time.

  • Display alerts and emergency messages.

  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly summary of all activities of all school buses.

  • In each school bus, monitor students in and out of the school buses.

  • Manage pickup and drop off schedule from center.

  • Manage multiple teachers who support looking after students in the school buses.

  • Management student absence.

  • Message broadcast system. Send message to parents whose students are in the school bus in the same time.

  • Management and detail reports of pickup and drop off history.

School Intelligent Operation Center on mobile (Mobile IOC)

  • School IOC on mobile so that the school staffs can monitor the situation at anytime and anywhere.

  • Multiple staffs to help monitor the situation.

  • All events and alerts on mobile.

  • Drill down to see detail for each school bus easily.

  • All important information, driver information, mobile number, student information, parents information at the finger tip.

  • Send message to parents.

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School bus staffs mobile application 

  • For school bus staffs to perform check-in and check-out students in and out from the school bus.

  • Manage student absence in case the student cannot board the school bus.

  • The school bus staffs can select which school bus to board.

  • Support multiple pickup and drop off schedule. Support multiple trips in each morning or evening session.

  • Receive alerts message from GPS device for any alerts or emergency.

  • Import emergency numbers are in the app. The school bus staffs can make call right away.

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Parent mobile app

  • Monitor the students pickup and drop off in real-time.

  • Track the school bus location on map.

  • Receive notification when students are next on the pickup queue.

  • Receive notification when students have been picked up from home.

  • Receive notification when students have reached the school.

  • Receive notification when the student have arrived home.

  • Notify school in case the student is absence.

  • Check the pickup and drop off history.

Equipment (Add-on)

Work with Mobile Application

Student trackers (Beacon) working with GPS device.

  • Small size.

  • Light weight 13g.

  • Waterproof.

  • Build-in battery upto 3 years.

  • Attach to student's belonging such as bag.

อุปกรณ์ติดตามตัวนักเรียน สำหรับใช้กับรถโรงเรียน

Smart GPS Device

Unlike general GPS device, our GPS device is ready to use and can be installed in the school bus within minutes.

  • GPS location

  • 4G cellular communication

  • Easy install. Ready within minutes. 

  • Motion sensor detect any movements in the school bus.

  • Work with student tracker (Beacon) to ensure no student has left behind in the school bus.

  • Equipment movement sensors.

  • Temperature sensor.

  • Emergency button.

  • Handfree system. 

  • Build-in battery.

379 schools in 69 provinces

Be part of us to provide safety to students who use the school bus.
The school can start testing the system for free.
Contact us so start the use the service now.

Articulus Company Limited

944 Samyan Mitrtown building 25th floor

Rama 4 Road, Wangmai, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330


+6695 405 3935

Thanks for contacting us.

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Students safety comes first.

"Location tracking devices will allow schools to centrally manage all usage data. which parents can rest assured that Students will be safe throughout the trip. School bus drivers can check students onto the bus. and report status via mobile phone application which parents will receive Notification when a vehicle is approaching to pick up a student at home Students get off the bus at school and students reach home. Students get off the bus at school and students reach home System to prevent children from being forgotten in school buses Detect movement inside the car Student tracking device notified via car device Pressing to report an emergency and the school can call into the car The system will answer the call automatically.”

Asst. Prof. Dr. Natthaphon Nimmanphatcharin. Director General Digital Economy Promotion Agency or DEPA

We also offer a FREE solution that helps provide safety for students and help reducing traffic problem at school during student pickup.

Kids Up is a Line application that allows parents to notify school when they will arrive school. School has a display to manage the student dismissal. Allow school to verify everyone to pickup students at School.
Kids Up is FREE.

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